5 ways chefs can increase their incomes

As a chef, the chances are that you’re employed on a temporary or permanent basis working for a local company, but what if there was a way that you could increase your salary and take home a few extra pounds at the end of each month? Well, there is, and below we’ve rounded them up for you to read through. Let us know how you get on in the comments below!

Accept tips

When guests leave your restaurant after a delicious meal, the chances are that they give the waiter a tip. Rather than all of the money going to serving staff, consider asking to split the tips at the end of the shift – after all, you did the majority of the hard work in preparing their food, so why shouldn’t you be compensated for your work? A few pounds here and there can quickly add up, and allow you to take home a healthy sum at the end of the month.

Ask for a pay rise

If you don’t think you’re being paid fairly for your work or your levels of responsibility, then you should consider asking your boss for a pay rise. If they can’t offer you an increase there and then, be sure to ask for a progression program where you can take on responsibility and demonstrate to your boss why you deserve a pay bump. Who knows – they may even be looking for someone to take over a more senior position, and put you in the running?

Experiment with dishes

If you’re looking to find ways to increase your salary but your boss says that there’s no room for an increase just yet, then experiment with dishes and consider launching a new menu that will increase profit margins and get people excited about your establishment once again. Dishes can become stale over time – adding menu items that are delicious and cheaper to make is only going to go down well with your boss, who may pass on the profits to you.

Take on temping work

If you’re on an employment contract or only working part time, then consider looking for chef jobs near me and taking on a couple of extra shifts at another establishment. You should check with your boss that they’re happy for you to do this first, but if they are, then you could earn some extra money on the side. What’s more, temporary work often pays higher, which means you’ll get more per hour than you usually would. Do a good job, and they might ask you to come back every time they need an extra pair of hands, like during holiday events.

Go it alone

Finally, if you’re not earning what you think you should be and you’re struggling to find a new role in your area, why not go it alone and set up your own restaurant? Granted, you’re going to need some capital and a business loan to get started, but if you’re talented and people love your food, then you’ll quickly get bums on seats and start making some money. Weigh up the pros and cons before getting started, though, and understand that you may not be able to make a success of a new business venture overnight. Slow and steady wins the race.

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