What Type of Takeaway Containers Are Best for Which Foods?


Takeaway containers are made to serve different purposes but mostly dealing with takeaway foods or when storing food. These containers are to be used when storing food in fridges and freezers and also reheating. They are good for use in industrial takeaway food establishments, restaurants, fast food joints and at home. These containers can serve for long periods of time and they help preserve food from contamination.

Takeaway containers range dependent on what foods they are used for. There are several types of containers such as burger boxes, boxes for pizza, salad boxes and more. All of these are best for the use in catering companies with delivering services. The lids used in takeaway boxes make a perfect, air-tight cover to keep your food fresh by maintaining temperature, keep bacteria off and prevent contamination from dust and insects. With burger boxes, these are made secure and rigid to be resistant towards water, oil and maintain the content hot. These boxes can be made from eco-friendly material, which makes your company more environmentally friendly.

Types of container:

White cardboard can be layered with a waxy film to prevent food coming into contact with the cardboard maintaining food taste. Is suitable for foods like crab, fried rice and noodles.

Another is polystyrene boxes, they are made with an attached lid attached and are waterproof. They are used for foods like meat, rice, chicken rice and western food.

Oil paper is another form of takeaway container which is oil-resistant, used for holding delicacies and mostly used while hawking food. It’s used for foods such as curry, rice, fried noodles, roasted meat rice and roti prate.

Plastic Tupperware is another form of container and is made heat resistant and light weight. This makes the containers good for holding foods like noodles, soup and other liquid-based dishes. They are safe to use in microwave when heating food.

Paper bags can be made with oil resistant material leaving them free from condensation. Always pick paper if you are wanting to be good for environment. It can hold foods such as steamed buns, satay and many more.

Why use Takeaway-Containers?

They are durable if used within normal circumstances, plastic can be used in a microwave without melting and in freezer without cracking. They also provide effective food storage, the lids used to cover these containers help maintain heat, prevent dust and prevent bacteria contamination. There is a wide variety of containers, since there are different types of food this helps choose containers according to the food you want to pack. They are economical in terms of money and in helping preserve food.

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