All You Need to Know About Beef Jerky


Beef jerky is one of the most popular items on the list of tasty salty snacks. The munchie is available in various flavours and grass-fed varieties at relatively low prices. But buying beef jerky takes work, as many brands can choose from. So, if you are new to buying jerky and need help figuring out where to start, try Viking Beef Jerky.

The following section can provide more information on jerky that can help with your purchase and eating experience. So, read on.

What is beef jerky?

Beef jerky is seasoned, and marinated meat is cut into thin strips and dried. The marination is done with different spices and sauces with other additives. The beef then undergoes different forms of processing like preservation, smoking and drying. The drying is done at 50C and takes about 15 hours.

When should you eat jerky?

Good quality beef jerky is a marinated steak that is shelf-stable. A bite-sized Viking Beef Jerky can be a perfect snack for any time of the day. You may carry it on your hikes, sporting events, movie theatres or office meetings. However, remember that some jerkies are better suited for some activities. So, make sure you are carrying the right one with you.

What kind of textures do you find in beef jerky?

Alteration in moisture content can affect the texture of jerky. Based on your preference, you can choose textures ranging from tender to chewy. Typically, you get these three textures:

Old fashioned: Old fashioned jerky is often termed cowboy jerky and is typically very salty and tough.

Traditional: The most commonly available jerky is the traditional jerky. It has a mild texture. Since it is not too hard or too soft, it is preferred by many.

Soft and tender: This variety is not as dry as the traditional ones and is the tenderest version of jerky.

What kind of flavours do you get in beef jerky?

You can get beef jerky in various flavours by marinating or smoking. Some of the common flavours are:

  • Jalapeno
  • BBQ
  • Teriyaki
  • Hickory smoked
  • Original smoked

What are the jerky pairings you can try?

You can pair your beef jerky and cheese for a picnic, hike, get-together or tailgate party. Some combinations that you can try are:

Gouda: Gouda has a rich caramel flavour. The slight sweetness can perfectly complement a spicy jerky like smoky BBQ, jalapeno or teriyaki.

Asiago: Asiago cheese is buttery and mild, and you can pair it with Hickory smoked or BBQ jerky.

Havarti: Havarti is creamy and mild and can go well with your smoked beef jerky flavour.

Muenster: Muenster is salty, creamy and soft and can be paired with the original smoked flavour.

Swiss: Swiss is nutty and mellow, and smoky jerky can be the best fit for it.

How should you store jerky?

Once you open your bag of jerky, it can last up to 3 days. It can get spoiled if the oxygen oxides the fat present in the product. So, you must be very careful with jerkies with high-fat content. Also, watch out for mould growth. Remember, the jerky you consume should smell meaty and have its original colour with no visible mould.

 You can get beef jerky in supermarkets or online. These sell for as cheap as $5. But you must be careful about the brand you pick, as several manufacturers use cheap meats to maintain a high-profit margin. Also, keep an eye out for mass-produced jerkies, as they have a lot of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. So, get your jerky from the right place to be assured of quality.

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