Everything You Need to Know Before You Gift Food: A Guide for Businesses


Food is a great gift choice for companies. You can give a small fruit basket to a client, chocolates to your employees, and so much more. Food is a great choice for several reasons, so long as the items you’ve gifted are in line with the recipient’s dietary needs.

So often, gifts go unwanted because the items contained just clutter up space. People don’t need more junk in their homes. Food eliminates this issue. They eat it, and it’s done. There’s nothing left to clutter up drawers or unnecessary plastic to be thrown in the trash. Your employees, clients, partners, or shareholders simply get a delicious, engaging experience that leaves behind no mess.

That’s why food is such a great choice:

Types of Corporate Food Gifts

There are a few standard and classic choices when it comes to gifting food:


Chocolate is one of the best options, especially since it can be easily made to adhere to many different types of diets, from halal to vegan. You can easily customize these gifts as well with your logo. Not only will these corporate chocolate gift boxes contain your branding on the packaging, but they can also contain edible branding on top. Splurge on artisan-created chocolates and have them delivered directly so that your employees can enjoy a great treat at their pace.


Fruit is another great choice, but do keep in mind that it has a much shorter shelf life than other options. With that in mind, stick to small edible arrangements, or choose a fruit spread for the office so that everyone can pick at it throughout their day.


Charcuterie baskets can be filled with anything, so long as it’s long-lasting. It can contain that chocolate, as well as cheeses, crackers, and even dried meats like salami. Since they can be customized, they can easily contain foods that adhere to the recipient’s diet and allergy requirements.

What to Keep in Mind Before You Order

There are a few important things to keep in mind before you place an order.

Special Dietary Requirements

There are many special diets out there, so before you gift any sort of gift, it’s important to send out an email asking for any special dietary and allergy information. You don’t need to keep your gift a secret, and your employees will be far happier knowing you considered their needs before you got started. Sending a vegan a basket that contains sausage isn’t a good look, since it means that you see all your employees as the same. Allowing them to set simple customizations means showing you care, and can also save their life if there are allergic to something that you send.


You don’t want to spend too much, or too little. A good compromise is to send small, single-setting gifts to the home, and larger and more extravagant gifts to the office, so that people can not only eat from it throughout the day but also take items home so nothing goes to waste. When sending large baskets to the office, remember that some items shouldn’t touch. Allergens, in particular, need to be kept separate so that the rest of the food is safe for your employees. In some cases, it’s best to just leave off common allergens like tree nuts entirely from the gift.

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