Is Your Fish and Chip Fryer Spotless and Well Maintained?


People in the UK love their fish and chips. That is why you need to make sure that your fish and chip shop is run with top operational proficiency. This also means that you need to contact a company and service provider that can ensure that your fryer continues to work for you.

Maintenance Services

When contacting a company that provides quality fish and chip fryer services in Yorkshire, you want to make sure that a skilled team of gas and electrical engineers can support your maintenance efforts. Maintenance technicians should be Gas Safe registered as well as COM CAT endorsed for performing all the work.

Some of the Maintenance That Is Performed

When providing maintenance, the service provider should do the following:

  • Perform a gas tightness inspection
  • Strip your range down to obtain access to ducting and pans
  • Inspect pans for pitting or leaks and provide recommendations
  • Switch the gaskets and thermocouples
  • Re-sit pans back in fire cement
  • Clean the fan impeller and sump box
  • Inspect the wiring for heat damage
  • Check all temperature and safety stats
  • Evaluate working and burner pressures for each pan
  • Inspect flue flow test

Meeting Compliance Requirements

As you can see, to run a fish and chip chop, you need to make sure that each aspect of your cooking equipment is in tip-top form. Otherwise, it can affect customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Engineers who carry out these types of inspections should possess all the needed qualifications for carrying out maintenance work. This type of service business normally provides certificates that you can share with your insurance company as well.


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