Reasons You Should Choose CAPIC Cook &Chill Automatic Machine


Operating an eatery can be difficult, especially if you do not have the necessary machine. For instance, cooking ingredients such as vegetables, rice, and pasta in boiling water can be time, labor, and energy-draining in an industrial kitchen. Again, the risks of accidents occurring are higher. Also, you are not guaranteed consistent results in every task you carry out, thus leading to low productivity. CAPIC provides a range of chill and quenches machines designed to fit various specific needs for food processing industries.

What is a CAPIC cook and Chill Machine?

This cook and cool machine comprise tilting baskets for blanching food and the food processing industries. The device reflects revolutionary performance utilizing the best gastronomic traditions. Also, it is fit for airplane food and ready meal appliance industry and perfectly fits an industrial kitchen.

Additionally, the CAPIC cook and chill machine involves a multicooker ideal for preparing even notoriously challenging meals like rice, seafood, and pasta without issues.

The industrial kitchen appliance facilitates even traditional meal preparation in water, guaranteeing safety and speed of working cycles. These machines attain the best use of human resources while allowing constant product quality. Therefore, you will always get the best of your intended meal.

The good news is that this cook and chill system requires minimum use of high-quality materials and does not consume much time when commissioning. Again, following its high-quality manufacture, the system requires reduced time for repair and maintenance.

How Does the System Work?

The cook and chill machine functions in the following steps:

Step 1

Complete Meal Preparation Programming

The systems programmer automatically controls cooling temperatures, timers, and cooking depending on your specific settings. The Cooker Chiller autonomously monitors the tanks’ fillings after you have set the recipe and launched the program.

Step 2

Load the Product into Your Cooker

This step involves putting your required amount of product into the tank that contains heated water. This water is usually heated to a predetermined temperature, and the system will cook the ingredients for a specific time. It will cool down to prevent components from overcooking.

Step 3

Overturn Into Cooling Capacity

The system signals at the end of the timer, indicating that your product is ready. This allows you to automate basket tilting by pressing the required buttons. The product is then transferred to a cooling tank comprising ambient water to facilitate cooling for a specific period. For maximum cooling, reload and repeat the process.

Step 4

Unload the Product into the Receiving Container

You will only be required to unload the finished item into a trolley at this stage. You can utilize the basket tilting mechanism for efficiency.

Advantages of the Cooker and Chiller System

  • Reduced waste of raw materials
  • Saves on time since it performs tasks automatically
  • It saves on cost and resources since you will need fewer staff or operators in your restaurant
  • It guarantees food safety for your clients.

You must invest in the appropriate restaurant fryers machines if you want to realize growth and increased productivity.

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