What Should I Consider When Selecting the Very Best Ice Machine


Making sure to choose the perfect type of ice machine is essential should you be in the business of serving large groups of people. Ice makers can produce different kinds of ice, so it is going to be essential to be aware of one which perfectly suits you prior to making a purchase.

It’s also going to be extremely helpful for you to know just how much ice you will need to manufacture so you can buy a model of the perfect size. When you’re making ice, your machine will be constantly working, so it might be a good idea to check out how much energy different machines are going to use. Also, check out how quickly a company’s repair service will be available if (heaven forbid!) the machine breaks down after making a purchase.

Different Designs, Different Uses

Ice making machines can make different kinds of ice, and the one which is perfect for you will obviously depend on what it is that you plan to use it for.

  • Cubed ice is popularly used for serving drinks or filling coolers
  • The crushed ice type is perfect for salad bars
  • And a flake ice machine can be put to use for both of the above, but does tend to melt somewhat faster

Knowledge is King

Being aware of how many people you are planning to serve and roughly how much ice you require will help you to choose and purchase the ideal sized ice machine. You may be in need of anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 kg of ice per customer, all depending on what’s on the menu, what type of service, and even the weather.

  • The likes of a fast-food restaurant will need less ice than a fully-serviced one, so you may wish to buy a smaller ice machine if you are the owner of such a business

All about Cool

Ice machines are cooled by air or water, with the water-cooled design usually being more energy efficient. Every kind of ice machine makes use of electricity, so you may wish to check out how energy efficient every model is to operate. By making notes and then taking all of these factors into consideration, you will then be able to choose the perfect ice machine for sale in Perth, for your business.

  • Remember, and just like most other devices, even the best ice machine may occasionally break down, and if this occurs, you will more than likely need to get it repaired as soon as can be, so that the working operation of your business is not stalled
  • Consult with the dealer about the turnaround time for the repair service so you will be in the know about exactly how long you should expect to wait for repairs to take place.

It might also be in your best interests to consider buying a service agreement, so you can receive regular maintenance performed, thus reducing the chances of any mechanical mishaps.

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