Easy Brunch to Prepare at Home


If there is one thing that makes me always excited for the weekend, it would be having a brunch in Nomad with some of my closest friends. More than the mimosas, I look forward to the delicious food that will make conversations better. With this, if you want to have a delicious brunch even in the comfort of your own home, keep on reading and we will share some easy to follow recipes that you can try.

Avocado Toast

For a healthy and delicious brunch, this is one of the classics that you can prepare. The best version of this toast was one I had in Scarpetta, my favorite Italian restaurant in New York. Even at home, you can recreate their avocado toast. All that you need is a toast, which will be topped with avocado mash, salt, pepper, and citrus juice. You are free to explore with other ingredients based on your personal preferences. Some people add eggs, peppers, chilies, strawberries, tomatoes, and capers, among other ingredients.

Deviled Eggs

Brunch will not be complete without eggs. For a creative way to cook it, deviled eggs can prove to be excellent. To make deviled eggs, the first thing that you have to do is to boil the eggs. Once they are cooked, take out the shell and slice in half. Remove the egg yolks and have them mashed in a bowl. Combine with your ingredients of choice, which may include mayonnaise, mustard, and pepper. Put the mashed eggs yolks in a piping bag and squeeze to fill the egg whites.


If you want the brunch to look fancy without trying too hard, this is another recipe that you have to learn. Even if you are inexperienced in the kitchen, preparing frittata will be almost effortless.

In a nutshell, a frittata is like an omelet. All that you have to do is to mix eggs with other ingredients, which can include ham, cheese, salt, pepper, and veggies of your choice. Add butter on the pan and when it is hot enough, cook the egg. Stir while it is being cooked.

Smoothie Bowl

Healthy eating does not need to be a sacrifice. A smoothie bowl will be a perfect brunch choice if you want to enjoy a hearty meal without the guilt. For a green rainbow smoothie bowl, blend mango, avocado, almond milk, apple, and spinach. Put it in a bowl and top with blueberries or dragon fruit. It is one of the best ways to consume your fruits!


Cooking pancake is pretty much straightforward. The right batter should be your priority. You can do this by mixing one and a half cups of flour, three tablespoons of sugar, one and a half teaspoons of baking powder, half teaspoon of salt, and a fourth teaspoon of baking soda. Mix them in a bowl and add four cups of milk, one egg, and four tablespoons of butter. Fry, and when ready, top it with a syrup and fresh fruits to make it healthier.

Brunch does not need to be complicated and expensive. With the recipes that have been briefly mentioned above, you can enjoy a delicious food on your own and with no special skills required!

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