Mistakes to Avoid when Cooking a Steak


How can a steakhouse restaurant like American Cut Steakhouse make juicy and flavorful meats that can make you shout TAKE MY MONEY? Probably, only the chef knows the secret! If you want to learn how to make mouthwatering steaks at home, similar or at least close to what American Cut serves, read on and I will share with you some of the mistakes that you should never make!

Being in a Hurry

When you order a steak in the best restaurants in Atlanta, do not expect that it will be ready for you to devour within a few minutes. You are not in a fast food chain! The same thing should be true when you are cooking a steak at home. Do not be in a rush. It takes time to make the perfect steak. One of the most important things that you should do is to let it sit at room temperature for about half an hour if the meat is frozen. This is important in having a great crust and being evenly cooked.

Not Patting it Dry

Want to achieve the perfect crust? The secret to cooking a steak with a to-die-for crust is to pat it dry with a paper towel. This will help in the absorption of the excess moisture from the meat before you place it on direct heat.

Pressing the Meat

When you are already cooking the meat, it is tempting to have it pressed against the grill especially when you are in a hurry. Some might even think that this is the way to achieve the distinct grill lines that make the steak more mouthwatering. However, this is one thing that you should avoid. This could only lead to having the outside overcooked or burnt.

Ditching the Thermometer

A thermometer is one of the best investments if you want to be a great cook at home, especially when it comes to cooking a steak. This will make it easy to determine if the meat is already cooked based on the doneness that you prefer.

Choosing Just Any Meat

Do not just pick any meat that you find, especially the one that is the cheapest. To cook the best steak, start with a great meat. If money is not an issue, USDA Prime Beef is one of the best! This is one of the ways to ensure an explosion of flavor on your mouth, although the latter will still depend on what you add when cooking the steak. Look for a bright red meat with the right amount of fat for marbling.

Not Seasoning Enough

When it comes to seasoning steak, more is better than less. Do not be afraid to over-season as this is the one that will be responsible for making the meat more flavorful. You cannot season the inside of the meat, so the flavor will be based on how you season the exterior.

Do not make these mistakes and it will be easier to create restaurant-quality steak in the comfort of your own home at half the price! Happy grilling!

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